Windsurfing Mast Bases and Extensions Overview

This video shows and explains the various types of windsurfing mast extensions, and mast bases. Jon Massmann from Isthmus Sailboards describes the differences between various types of mast extensions and bases, how they work together, how to adjust mast extensions and how to attach mast bases to your board.

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Different kinds of mast bases: 0:30
1-bolt vs 2-bolt mast base connections: 1:48
US cup base vs Euro pin base: 2:36
Types of mast base extensions: 3:51
How to adjust different mast base extensions: 5:31
Three types of universal joints: 7:50
Attaching 1-bolt mast base to board: 9:25
Attaching 2-bolt mast base to board: 11:09
Mast track pin system: 13:13

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