Why Lewis Hamilton Technically Can’t Retire – [ Rumour Round-Up ]

Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of “Rumour Round-Up” and as with the others, all the stories contained within this are to be taken with a grain of salt and haven’t been officially substantiated but are things that are being talked about in the world of F1 that may be interesting, could turn out to be true, or simply plain wrong. Without further delay, here is Rumour Roundup…

While the new 2022 regulations were expected to be the big uncertainty before the new season began, Lewis Hamilton’s silence has trumped that according to some. There has been plenty of speculation surrounding this but the latest rumours regarding a few clauses in his current contract with Mercedes could offer up a few clues

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0:00 – Lewis Hamilton’s “Retirement Clause” Means He Won’t Retire In 2022
1:55 – Rapid Rumours

I’m your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:

Lewis Hamilton’s “Retirement Clause” Means He Won’t Retire In 2022

Lewis Hamilton signed a new contract with Mercedes last year and this contract lasts until the end of 2023

As per The Telegraph, sources close to Mercedes have allegedly confirmed that Lewis Hamilton’s current contract does include a clause that can allow him to retire earlier than the end of 2023

However, this supposed clause only comes into effect if Lewis Hamilton wins an 8th Drivers’ World Championship

As this clause couldn’t have been activated with Max Verstappen being crowned the 2021 Champion, Lewis Hamilton might be in breach of his contract if he were to not race in 2022

The Telegraph further claims that even if Lewis did retire, Mercedes seemingly won’t take any legal action

There are many who feel that if Lewis indeed wanted to retire, he would have already done so without leaving Mercedes hanging and vulnerable at the start of a very important season with new regulations

The alleged sources of The Telegraph reportedly confirm this

“It’s all part of the drama. The truth is Lewis is going to have a super competitive car this year and he’s got 50 million reasons for staying [the value of his contract]”

“Anyway, if he was going to retire he’d have said it by now, wouldn’t he? Otherwise, he’s just going to let down the team because they’ve got no options”

Rapid Rumours

Supposedly, according to the BBC, the FIA has internally admitted that race director Michael Masi made a series of operational errors during the final laps of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [BBC]

However, the FIA reportedly also accept that Masi was left exposed and under too much pressure during those final laps because of the lack of a support structure around him

Regarding Michael Masi’s own future, there is allegedly every chance that he will be fired and the new race director will have provisions that will prevent teams from directly lobbying against a decision

Former Aston Martin team principal Otmar Szafnauer is seemingly headed to Alpine [Marca]

Similarly, Aston Martin’s technical director Andrew Green is also being suggested to follow suit and make the move to Alpine

Reportedly, BWT will also sign a sponsorship deal that could see the Alpine F1 car sporting a pink livery

Former F1 team principal Flavio Briatore’s rumoured return to Alpine, on the other hand, seems highly unlikely and “difficult” [Marca]

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has dismissed rumors of Cyril Abiteboul joining Red Bull as the head of their new engine program [F1-Insider]

“It’s absolute nonsense. Ben Hodgkinson is and will remain the leader of our engine project”

Meanwhile, there were rumours that Red Bull had compromised their 2022 car by focusing on the 2021 championship fight. Marko addressed this next

“We had two different development programs running in 2021. Both worked”

“There’s no reason to believe that, unless someone has found the philosopher’s stone in the new regulations, Mercedes and us won’t be the favourites again this year”

Would you like to see Alpine adopt a pink livery for 2022?

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