WHY is Virat Kohli STRUGGLING? | Analysis, Technique, Mental Space | #HoggsVlog with Brad HOGG

Righty-o, Virat Kohli. Not in his usual masterful form. What could be the reasons behind this? What are some possible solutions?
I’m also reacting to some of your comments on a brand new segment called FFS – it stands for ‘Facing Fans’ Singles’, not… Well.
An action-packed show ahead. Enjoy. And I need your comments too fellas. What do you think is Kohli’s biggest issue at the moment?

00:00 – Let’s begin
00:22 – Kohli’s issues?
00:35 – Technical remedies
02:11 – Changes to his calendar
02:45 – Changes to his training
04:08 – FFS: My pronunciation
04:43 – FFS: Dhoni the finisher
05:42 – FFS: My SRH prediction
06:49 – FFS: Legspin tips
08:23 – Leave a comment!

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