Why does NBA Use Orange Color Basketball?

Whether you’re a big fan of the NBA or not, you must have noticed some things that are always the same in all matches. One of them seems so trivial and it is the color of the balls used during the game. So why are basketballs orange?
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Although this question seems unimportant when you check the history of basketball, you’ll realize that color you see today was not selected by mistake. Let’s start with the invention of basketball as a game by James Naismith in December 1891.
Naismith was an instructor at the YMCA Training School in Massachusetts. During the long cold New England winters, he realized that there were only limited games to keep his students active during the winter months so he invented the game of basketball. At first, the game was played with a soccer ball and players scored points by tossing the ball into a peach basket nailed into the wall. The ball had to be retrieved manually each time a point is scored. And as you can imagine, this was a tedious process until the standard hoops with backboards were invented.
Now, let’s also talk about the balls. The soccer ball was replaced with brown leather balls with laces. The laces on this ball would cause it to bounce off unpredictably and this was soon replaced with a lace-free ball.
However, the brown color of this ball impaired its visibility making it difficult for players, officials, and spectators to see at all times. In the late 1950s, a basketball coach at Butler University, Tony Hinkle introduced the orange ball because he believed that it would be more visible on the court.
Almost everyone loved the idea immediately. An orange ball was more visible and players could easily see the ball coming to them. Hinkle worked with the Spalding Company to develop a new basketball based on his idea. The orange ball was first used in the 1958 NCAA Finals in Louisville, Kentucky. The NCAA was impressed with the visibility of this new ball and it has been part of the court ever since.
While the orange ball might have been very successful, some people still believe that it is not the most visible color. Some even said that red or green would have been more visible. But does that really matter? What are your thoughts about the color of the basketball?

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