Who is LeBron James’s Dad?

Who is LeBron James' Dad?
LeBron James, the billionaire basketball superstar.
Best known as King James is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. He is a true legend.
But, he is a legend without a father. He grew up never knowing who his birth father was.
There is a big conspiracy involving the question,
Who is LeBron James' dad?
What was life like for James without a father?
And what is this big conspiracy involving the identity of his father?

Now let's unravel the truth

Who is Lebron James' Dad?
The NBA superstar was born to Gloria Marie James and Anthony McClelland.
His mother, Gloria played the role of mum and dad in shaping Lebron's life, as Anthony was mostly absent.
Lebron did not get to have a healthy father-son relationship.

So who is this Anthony McClelland? and why was he absent in LeBron's life?
Just the same way the father of a very famous sports star was absent is the same way detailed information about Anthony remains absent.
But here is what we know.
Anthony McClelland is an African-American Akron, Ohio-born male.
He is unmarried but has two boy kids, including Lebron James. And the boys are from different women.

Anthony and Gloria were in a casual relationship when she gave birth to their son, LeBron James.
However, Gloria was only sixteen at the time, and Anthony was not interested in supporting his child or his baby mama.
Anthony lived a life that LeBron would be extremely happy to have not been raised by such a man.
Anthony had an extensive criminal history. In addition, he was also an irresponsible man. He did not pay for child support, leaving Gloria to look after LeBron on her own.
Gloria however didn't have to raise LeBron alone.
She lived with her mother, Freda James, her grandmother, and two brothers.
That was the family LeBron knew.
But then, after the death of her mother and grandmother, Gloria had to fend for herself, LeBron, and her brothers all by herself.

Despite the tragic turn of events in Gloria's life, Anthony was not there for LeBron or his mother in their time of need.
Gloria and LeBron had to move from one apartment to the other because Gloria struggled to get a stable job.

Sad story but then it had a positive side.
The absence of Anthony fueled James’ motivation to work harder and follow his dreams passionately. To make a better life for himself and his mother.
Anthony's NBA star son doesn’t recall any memories with him. Moreover, they don’t even share the same surname.

Anthony is a father of two.
Aside from LeBron James, it is rumored that Anthony had a son named Aaron McCelland Gamble with another woman.
Aaron was born in 1987 in LeBron’s hometown Akron, Ohio.

Here is another shocker, Anthony did not take responsibility for Aaron either.
Instead, he chose to leave Aaron and his mother behind to fend for themselves.
Years later, Aaron found out that he is the half-brother of LeBron James, so he tried to get in touch with his supposed half-brother, but it seemed LeBron was not interested even a bit in forming a relationship with him.

After all, many people have falsely claimed to be related to LeBron in hopes of getting monetary support. So we can not blame LeBron for not being interested in the half-brother relationship.

Career-wise, Anthony McClelland had no professional career. He headed the wrong path from a very young age, so we can even assume he could not earn a proper living.
In 2002, he was arrested for crimes like arson and theft.
After that, he was constantly going in and out of prison for petty crimes.

So growing up without a father, what was life like for LeBron James?
LeBron James' Early Life
LeBron was born on the 30th of December, 1984, in Akron, Ohio.
His mother Gloria Marie James was only 16 when she gave birth to him, and she struggled a lot to provide for the family.
As a result of not having an active father figure in his life, in the person of Anthony McClelland, Gloria had to give up on taking care of LeBron all by herself.
So she sent him to live with a football coach named Frank Walker.
Gloria did not abandon LeBron rather she was only looking out for his future and she wanted a stable family environment for her boy.

At age 9, Walker recognized Lebron's talent and love for basketball.
LeBron went to St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and caused a huge stir because it was a white-dominated school.
But then he dominated the basketball game, and he was even named Ohio Mr. Basketball in his sophomore year.
LeBron appeared in different basketball magazines, and he had many supporters before he started a professional career.


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