What It Takes To Be A Dancer For The Golden State Warriors

Every summer, hundreds of jazz and hip-hop dancers audition for one of 21 coveted spots on the ultra-talented all-female dance division of the Golden State Warriors. Known for their energetic in-game performances, the Warriors Dancers are the most recognizable women on the court. Showing us what it’s really like to be a Warriors Dancer is 5-year veteran and team captain Hannie, who knows all about what goes in to the role. Like her fellow dancers, she juggles her day job with late-night rehearsals, community appearances, costume fittings, physical therapy, hair and makeup sessions, and memorizing almost 40 dance routines per season. Though it appears glamorous, the job is an enormous commitment and a labor of love, set against the backdrop of sweeping, sport-wide changes to increase inclusivity and diversity. Today’s Warriors Dance Team, previously known as the “Warriors Girls”, have done away with swimsuit calendars and pom-poms in favor of greater representation from all genders and ages. Find out what it’s like to be Hannie, how she got here, and what it's been like for her during the unexpected end of the 2019-2020 basketball season.

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What It Takes To Be A Dancer For The Golden State Warriors

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