Top 50 Best Soccer Players Right Now – Football Ranking

50 Best Soccer Players Right Now in 2021. This football ranking video shows the best football players 2020 ranked based on their performance so far in 20/21 season. The best football players are not rank on how popular they are but rather their overall performance this 2020/2021 season from August up till December. Do not be shocked to see household names like De Bruyne, Mbappe and Salah ranking so low because they have underperformed so far. Rather give recognition to lesser known players like Andy Delort, Jack Grealish and Rodrigo De Paul who are having an incredible season right now.

UPDATED ranking August 2021 ►

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On this channel I showcase full highlights of football legends who played in some classic futbol games of yesteryear. I also discuss transfer news and highlight player review of some of the best talented young football players.

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