This Surfer is Creating Inclusive, Sustainable Swimwear | Connections Ep. 21 | Salesforce

Every one of Risa Machuca’s personal values can be found in her sustainable swimwear brand, Belle Curves. The materials are sourced from up-cycled products made in her home country of Mexico. The patterns feature sunset photos taken by Risa and shared with her family. Most importantly, the suits are designed for athletic, curvy women who want to get out on the water. By making sure each woman who wants to try surfing is confident and comfortable on their board, Risa is showcasing the power of inclusive product design.

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Connections: CMOs are saying “so long” to long-standing marketing playbooks. See how they’re shaking things up in this digital-first world. Join Salesforce President and CMO, Sarah Franklin, as she chats with digital leaders about how to create more powerful connections with your customers.

0:00 – Connections Intro
1:11 – Risa Machuca’s background growing up in New York and Mexico
2:18 – Machuca’s favorite surfing spot
2:53 – Inspiration to create inclusive swimwear
4:27 – Starting a business from scratch
5:41 – The connection between personal and professional values
7:43 – Connecting through surfing

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