The Millionaire Lifestyle of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the best football players in the world. He is a national hero and is adored by millions of fans. His net worth is more than $400 million and he has a fortune that will last for generations to come.
What are the secrets behind this lifestyle? What are his sources of income? What does he do with his money?
Having earned his fortune with his skills on the pitch and savvy investments. We look into the millionaire lifestyle of Lionel Messi right from his fancy houses , car collection and his business ventures. This video will cover all there is to know about Messi’s lifestyle.

00:00 Second Richest Athlete
00:31 Messi’s Houses
01:27 Messi’s Jets
01:47 Messi’s Car Collection
02:24 Messi’s Businesses
03:11 Messi’s NFTs
03:30 Messi’s Tattoos

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