The Eastern Conference Standings is the BEST STORY in the NBA!

In the NBA's Eastern Conference we have seen many narratives. The 76ers new Dynamic Duo, Jayson Tatum’s dominance, the Cavaliers on the come up, Giannis surviving without key role players, the Nets Drama with Kyrie, Demar on the Bulls. Even parity within the East has been way better than anything going on out west. But in today's video I want to discuss just how fluid the standings have been in the East, how it happened, what it means for some of the major teams, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

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0:00 – 2:30 Intro
2:30 – 5:39 Leader 1 Brooklyn Nets
5:39 – 9:20 Leader 2 Chicago Bulls
9:20 – 13:00 Leader 3 Miami Heat
13:00 – 14:31 Outro

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