The Boston Celtics WILL Be The First Team In NBA HISTORY To do This…

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the boston celtics are in the 2022 nba finals, the boston celtics are in the 2021-2022 nba finals vs the golden state warriors, the 2021-2022 boston celtics have a chance to do what has never been done before in nba history, the boston celtics will be the first team in nba history to do this, with jayson tatum, marcus smart, jaylen brown, al horford, and the entire celtics roster, the boston celtics will be the first team in nba history to do this.

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we talk hoops on here, simple as that man
let me know what you guys think of what i had to say, we all know today in this NBA world we live in with all the different opinions on all these different players, some people are going to agree and a lot will disagree and i’m always open to a new POV so make sure to let me know what you think, and consider subscribing to the channel!

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