The Best Meal Plan for Soccer Players Pt. 1

I wrote an article a couple of months ago on this topic that has ranked first on Google when you type in ‘Fat Loss for Soccer Players’. Here is the article:

In the first part of a two part-series; I break down 8 tips on how to build the best meal plan for soccer players.

Here are the First 8 Tips:
1. Eat at least ONE SERVING OF VEGETABLES at every meal!
2. Eat at least 30 grams of LEAN PROTEIN in every meal.
3. Eat HEALTHY FATS at every meal.
4. Eat FIBROUS RICH CARBOHYDRATES based on your training load.
5. Drink Calorie-Free Beverages.
6. Eat Slowly & Mindfully.
8. Do some type of exercise that you enjoy each day!

I wanted to break it down in a video format and go more in depth on certain topics.

In Part 2; I will break down the next 9 tips.

I didn’t want to overwhelm you and overload you with information. The most important thing is that you implement these techniques.
The Intention of this YouTube Channel is to show you the the behind the scenes of a footballer fulfilling his dream in another country. Within the channel, I will do my best to help you become a better footballer all around. I want to help you improve your: Mindset, Technique, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery. These 5 pillars will help you become the best footballer, athlete and human possible which will help you become ready for any opportunity.

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About Me
Name: Eric Friedlander (Ric, Ricky)
Age: 25
Nationality: USA
Job: Professional Soccer Player
Current Team: Hapoel Robi Shapira Haifa (Israel)
Last Team: FSV Lückenwalde (Germany)
Previous Teams: Nyköpings BIS (Division 1-Sweden), FSV Lückenwalde (German Oberliga), Eintracht Bamberg (German Oberliga)
Position: RB/LB/CDM
College: University at Buffalo (one year)
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You and I are going to get VIBEY (intention of creating positive vibes) together, become a better footballer together and get SHREDDED together!

Sit down, chill out, pour yourself a cup of coffee and I’ll introduce myself real quick.

My name’s Eric — but everyone calls me “Ric” — and I’m a pretty chill dude who rarely wears a shirt.

I’m also footballer in Europe, as NASM Certified Personal Trainer, an EXOS Performance Specialist, a DBC Level 1 Coach, and a Precision Nutrition Coach.

But hey.

This channel isn’t for fame, publicity, making cash, being a YouTube Star, going on Yachts with sweet tings, and showing the “lavish lifestyle” of WORKING FROM THE BEACH, bro!

It’s a place where you and I can chill, vibe, and have fun while learning a ton and getting better at whatever you do.

I’ll never sugar coat thing, lie, or beat around the bush. I’ll tell you everything straight up, and I will make you uncomfortable at times. But, the TRUTH, always needs to be spoken.
Listen, some stuff you might like. Others you might not.

And that’s totally cool.

Either way, my goal here is to create a discussion. A place where you and I can get together, exchange ideas, and improve a tiny bit each day!

Like I said, we’re gonna VIBE, drink lots of coffee, maybe take off our shirts once in a while, and I’m super excited about that. Because there aren’t too many online communities in which the sole purpose is to inspire and motivate one another.

And that’s exactly what you and I are going to do here.

To your success in football and health,
All love.
Ric, Ricky, Ricky Surman, BiggRicc, etc.

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