Strange Things About Lebron James’ Marriage

Savannah Brinson has been with her husband, LeBron James, every step of the way throughout the ups and downs of his illustrious career as an NBA superstar athlete. The celebrity couple initially met back when they were still in high school, and Brinson was pregnant with their first child a year later in 2003, which also happened to mark James' first season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The early days of their relationship may not have been the most conventional, but after well over a decade together, these two are still going strong.

But with any marriage, there are bound to be some quirks that couples develop — and this star pairing is no different. These are the strange things about LeBron James’ marriage.

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Doubting his success | 0:00
Dragging his feet | 1:03
An expensive, useless gift | 1:48
All about LeBron | 2:34
DM drama | 3:16

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