Spyder Surfboards “Fireball Fish” Review by Noel Salas Ep. 58

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In this episode Aaron and I head to Hermosa Beach, CA to meet up with Dennis Jarvis of Spyder Surfboards. I invited Dennis to break down the Fireball Fish board attributes for this review.

Dennis shaped me a 5’6.5” x 19 x 2 5/16 Liters 26 for the point break I love to surf. This board is fast, responsive, and user friendly for Southern CA surf. Dennis also explains how versatile this model can be for hollow waves like the one he shaped for Jason Shibata of Hawaii.

Our time with Dennis was priceless as he taught us about this epic board model and how he customized it exactly for my style of surfing in 2-6’ surf. The Fireball Fish is legit and has a place in my quiver… does it fit in yours?

My Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160lbs or 72.57kg

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