Nigel Mansell on Ayrton Senna ‘s death

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Well Ayrton was supreme in what he wanted to be
in what I wanted to be
what any race car driver wants to be
Well some driver have a lot more success than others
and Ayrton was on top of his game
three time World Champion
he was just excellent in what he did
and I think the biggest thing that must have shook everybody is… and myself included.
I regarded Ayrton – perhaps with a couple of other people – as bullet proof.
And when something happens like this
It makes you realize how valuable life is and what risks we do take
Certainly my racing career is one of the best of the best
Its difficult to ask a driver who is the best of anyone time
but there is no question that Ayrton was just …
didn’t leave any stone un-turned and he milked every bit of speed of every car he ever drove
and if he wasn’t winning, then he wasn’t happy
and when you are competitive like that its extraordinary.
What he achieved in his career is just pretty phenomenal and
he would have achieved a considerably amount more.
I know Ayrton will be missed mostly for his absolute brilliance
his dynamic driving and being one of the few drivers in recent years to just show an extraordinary talent in the car to be able to get that last bit of speed of the car in corners and I feel Ayrton like
to share something very special in similar ways that… I can tell you that even being across this side of the Atlantic that… I just can not find the words, except…
To all his friends, to all his fans, to all his family and.. to Roland [Ratzemberger] as well… and I might add to the Williams Team. I’ve driven for them for six years, so… I know how they must be feeling.
My sincere condolences.
He won’t be with us but he will be never forgotten.

Images of 1991 Suzuka post race when Nigel DNF and Ayrton conquered his third and last WDC.

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