NFL Rumors & News: Kyler Murray, Alvin Kamara Arrest, Texans Hire Lovie Smith + OBJ Super Bowl Star?

The latest NFL news & NFL rumors have blown up with the Alvin Kamara arrest news following the Pro Bowl. Today’s video is presented by Fetch Rewards! Want to turn your receipts into free gift cards? Download the FREE APP: and use PROMO: CHAT for 3,000 BONUS POINTS when you first sign up! NFL rumors also involve Kyler Murray’s future, after his social media moves. Plus, we break down the hires of Lovie Smith by the Texans and Dennis Allen for the Saints.

What does the Alvin Kamara news mean for him and the New Orleans Saints? NFL head coaching news to cover on today’s show – the Houston Texans have decided to promote Lovie Smith as their next HC, while the Saints will also promote their own DC in Dennis Allen. That NFL news actually broke in the middle of the live show, so it’s discussed at the very end of the video.

Kyler Murray is causing a lot of buzz about whether he’d leave the Cardinals as he is set for a potential extension. PLUS, could Kayvon Thibodeaux slide in the 2022 NFL Draft? Chat Sports host Tom Downey breaks down the latest NFL Draft rumors, news and more on this edition of NFL Daily!

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NFL Rumors and NFL news from today’s video:
– OBJ biggest star in Super Bowl?
– Alvin Kamara Arrest
– Kayvon Thibodeaux falling in NFL Draft?
– Kyler Murray leaving Cardinals rumors?
– Lovie Smith hired by Texans

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Kyler Murray leaving Cardinals? Latest rumors:
– Time for the classic offseason rumors based on a player’s social media
– Murray has scrubbed his social media and unfollowed the Cardinals
– Kyler is eligible for an extension this offseason

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