NFL Rumors, Kyler Murray, Jessie Bates Trade Buzz, James Bradberry News + Top NFL Free Agents Left

NFL News and NFL Rumors on the latest edition of NFL Daily with host Tom Downey! James Bradberry has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, taking one of the top NFL Free Agents left off the market. And there are some interesting NFL rumors on the futures of players like Jessie Bates and Kyler Murray. Bates is already threatening to holdout; could Kyler Murray be next? Or could there be NFL Trades of either player?

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NFL Free Agency is really winding down with James Bradberry (and others) signing with teams. So NFL Daily host Tom Downey is here to look at the Top 25 NFL Free Agents Left and where they could sign.

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Today’s NFL rumors (and news!):
– Kyler Murray Contract Latest
– James Bradberry to Eagles
– Jessie Bates Holdout?
– Tarik Cohen injury

Get into the LIVE CHAT and reply to today’s top poll questions:
Would you make Kyler Murray a Top 5 Highest Paid QB? Type ‘Y’ for Yes and Type ‘N’ for No
What will the Bengals do with Jessie Bates? Type ‘T’ for Trade, Type ‘P’ for Pay and Type ‘W’ for Wait
Grade the James Bradberry signing: A, B, C, D or F!
Best NFL Free Agent Left?

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