NFL Daily: Live News & Rumors + Q&A w/ Tom Downey (May 16)

NFL rumors and NFL news coming at you live with host Tom Downey breaking down everything going on around the NFL right now! Could Drew Brees actually make a shocking comeback to the NFL? And if so, what are the top Drew Brees destinations? We’ve got movement on the Deshaun Watson investigation from the NFL and a suspension decision could be coming soon. There’s also rumors on James Bradberry to discuss as well!

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NFL Offseason Grades are in with the 2022 NFL Draft and NFL Free Agency basically over. Who are the biggest winners and losers this offseason?

NFL Daily After Hours is back again on Rumble-only! Once today’s live show wraps up, head over to Rumble for some Julio Jones destinations:

NFL rumors and News today
– Drew Brees RETURN to the NFL?
– Deshaun Watson Investigation
– Jaire Alexander Contract
– James Bradberry Destinations?

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