Well, have you seen it? ..

No? Then we are glad that we have shown you IN WHAT TERRIBLE SHAPE NEYMAR is now!

You should really pay attention to that rounded tummy …

A small photoshoot and let's move on!

[5-6 photos from the yacht]

So, how do you like the physique of one of the best football players on the planet?

These photos caused a bustle in the football community – everyone began to discuss how Neymar’s body worsened and we cannot but share with you the brightest reactions of football fans! Here we go!

“Can’t believe this is neymar at 29, he had everything what it takes to become second best player after Messi of last decade but sad to see he ruined everything!” One of the fans laments.

“Neymar wanted to get out of Messi’s shadow? Look at him now! He ruined himself! If he stayed with Barcelona, ​​we would’ve won 1-2 more UCL’s,”- and this is written by a Barça fan, as you understand.

“Looks like Neymar might be doing a Ronaldinho! Sad to see, ”- indeed, analogies with Ronnie come to mind themselves.

“Neymar will see the R9 effect after 30 years of age,” the hint of future obesity is clear.

“Mandems taking this Hazard vs Neymar debate to a whole different levels now LMAOOO!” – and this is a nice joke here.

“People acting surprised. R9 and Ronaldinho have already walked this path. It's Neymar’s time, ”another admirer of # 1 game teases Ney.

If you are to make judgements by these comments only, then one surely can be horrified …


But what if a simple question arises, like: is something terrible happening to the physical condition of the Brazilian? ..

This radically changes the perception of what actually happened!

Neymar is now on a well-deserved vacation and he has every right to rest the way he wants and eat what he loves!

Can't see 6 abs cubes? No problem! As soon as Ney returns to the location of PSG – he will gradually return to his proper shape!

Yeah, maybe after such a “party hard” style it will take one or two additional weeks, but you can be completely sure that everything will be back to normal:


-“I don't care, this guy is one of the most skillful footballers in the world!”

-“People have to stay away from Neymar! He's enjoying a well-deserved vacation and I'm sure he'll be in shape by the season’s kick-off! ”

-“Give the guy a calm rest!”

-“As long as he plays well and it doesn't affect his style of play, having a belly doesn't matter!”

-“He can still outplay whoever he wants.”

AND THESE ARE Points of view of the supporters of the great talent of the Brazilian!

We gave you the statements of two sides – negative and positive! Whose side are you on? Do you think of Neymar not being serious about his career and never becoming world class like Messi or Ronaldo? Or do you still think that Ney can do whatever he wants, while he is among the best? It will be interesting to read your opinion!

Well, what do you, guys, think of it?, – we hear your silent question and, of course, we will answer it!

Let's say right away: we are big admirers of Neymar's talent, but when you look at this comparison of 34-year-old Lionel Messi and 29-year-old Neymar, whether you want it or not, you still need to have a moment to think and understand that something is wrong with Neymar. But in reality – there’s a lot of work to be done.

We really think the Brazilian goes to pieces with his career and could have accomplished more if not for his 5 cruel addictions.

Today we will mention them one by one, since such an occasion has turned up!

Money and fame. What was the real reason for Neymar's departure from Barcelona? Shadow of Messi? Yes and no. We all know that Ney was happy in the capital of Catalonia, and Lionel and Luis Suarez were his close friends, with whom he communicates up to this day. It seems to us that money has come to the foreground. Neymar's father – Neymar Sr. has always been a bit greedy at times, always looking for only the best conditions for his son. There was PSG's imperfect project in the summer of 2017, where players could only be bribed only with money – the Brazilian received a gorgeous contract worth 36 million euros, which he now retains, extending it for the summer of 2025. Think for yourself, the Brazilian had one year of contract with PSG and in the summer of 2022 he could safely return to his beloved Barcelona and play another year or two with his pal Leo Messi – of course, Barca would not be able to pay him much, first of all, due to the rules of financial fair -play.

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