Hello everyone! It’s Inside Football again. We have a quick question for you. Who do you think is the most loving football player in the world? It’s unlikely that you’ll think long about the answer – this guy has number 10 on his jersey and plays for the Brazilian national team as well as a top European club, and he also loves to have parties very much. Yes, this is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior!

It seems that he not only managed to meet a huge number of girls – even more beauties hung out at his parties. Here is an ordinary photo from Ney’s party even before the pandemic. The number of beautiful girls around him is simply impressive!

You’ve probably seen our video about the girl who said no to Neymar. Yes, there are such ladies in the world! But today we would like to show you those who said yes to the Brazilian. Attention: it’s more than your eyes can take in!

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Models, designers and “Galácticos” players’ girlfriends

Let’s start with the last known romantic interest of Neymar, which was noticed with the Brazilian while he was vacationing in Ibiza in the summer. The press unearthed that Brazilian Bruna Biancardi was hanging out with Neymar. The brunette rested with the player on a yacht, and also had dinner with him, which was organized by the current teammate of Neymar Lionel Messi, by the way.

Bruna has a fairly popular Instagram, more than 380 thousand people have subscribed to her by the time of this video recording! And judging by the photo, it is not surprising that Neymar made a choice in favour of this beauty (for example – They have not announced the relationship yet and, perhaps, will not even do it. Of course, this is in the spirit of Ney – he is quite a bit of a womanizer.
Generally speaking, a huge number of different girls hang out at Neymar’s parties, which he arranges both in Brazil and in France. For example, Neymar especially paid for the travel of several models so that they could hang out with him at the New Year’s party in Rio de Janeiro! Kiki Passo, Michelle Nevius, Jessica Bartlett, Anna Liz Bittencourt – the girls fit every taste, it’s too many to choose! And it seems that Neymar can bring any beauty of this planet to his party, given the will! He paid for flights, hotels, made gifts to many beauties – only to spend one or two nights together.
Officially, the girls did not spread anywhere that they were going to a party to Neymar, but they posted photos from hotels very close to Neymar’s party, and one of the ladies blew the cover with a blue VIP party bracelet!

Neymar has no less beautiful girls at the parties in France. Twin beauties Pauline and Mathilde Tantot, who have their own brand of swimwear, called Khassani Swimwear, and millions of Instagram followers are regulars in PSG player’s parties. These sisters have even been nicknamed “Bordeaux Bombs”!

Russian models also hung out with Neymar. At some parties he was noticed with a top model Sasha Luss, and also the Russian Katerina Safarova was a friend of the Brazilian – she is a model and Instagram star with nearly two million subscribers. We emphasize that she was only a friend, the girl said this in several of her interviews herself.

Many girls who know Neymar do not reveal anything about their relations in interviews. For example, the Catalan Abril Cols denied her relationship with the Brazilian quite recently. “No, we’re just friends, nothing more. I know him well, we have mutual friends who introduced us. The day of our first meeting ended very late… And that’s only because we were at a great party,” she said.

It often turns out that the girls with whom Neymar dated or hung out begin relationships with other world football stars. For example, this summer, Real Madrid’s Eder Militao began dating a beauty named Carolina Lima, who had broken Neymar’s heart before! Although we don’t think that there is anything to break there – this guy changes lovers almost every month, and for many years now.

Sometimes Neymar also looks at the girls of his colleagues. The Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois had a romantic interest – model Michelle Herzig, with whom he spent time.

But this didn’t prevent Neymar from actively liking her photo, not missing a new single post! We wonder how Thibault reacts to this behaviour himself. Maybe he’s not even paying attention?

Neymar’s amorousness brings him to scandals!

Neymar’s easy attitude towards girls and relationships with them has already begun to play against him.

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