NBA Players Who Think LeBron James Is The GOAT

LeBron James is arguably one of the best basketball players ever. Ever since he joined the NBA in 2003, he has continued to set unprecedented records and he is often compared to Michael Jordan in debates over the best basketball player ever. Depending on who you ask, every player has a different opinion on who they think is the greatest basketball player of all time.
Therefore, in this video, we are going to see some NBA players, both past and present who think LeBron James is the Greatest Of All Time. But before we continue, don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to this channel for more interesting NBA-related videos.
1. Draymond Green
Golden State Warriors Draymond Green is among the NBA players who think LeBron James is the greatest of all time. Green and the Warriors have faced James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in four consecutive NBA finals from 2015 through 2018 so he’s one of the best people to ask what he thinks about James. During an appearance on ESPN’s First Take, Green got the opportunity to share what he thinks about LeBron James and he put it this way:
“I think LeBron yields a lot of power. As he should, I think arguably the greatest player of all time. If you look at his resume, it’s flawless. The things that he’s been able to do on the court, obviously spectacular. But it’s more important, the things that he’s been able to accomplish off the court and that’s where he gets the utmost respect from me.”
2. Gilbert Arenas
Gilbert Arenas might have stopped playing in the NBA since 2012, however, he remembers the encounters he had with King James. Gilbert Arenas is one of the former NBA who thinks LeBron James he’s the GOAT and during his appearance on Whistle Sports, he has the following to say about him:
“The reason I feel LeBron is the GOAT is because during pressure times he still makes the actual right decision versus what our fans and the public want him to do. That’s what separates him from Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. If you give Jordan and Kobe those Cavs teams, they would not have made it to the playoffs, they would not have made it to the championship because Jordan would have averaged 60 and said the ‘hell with it’.”
3. Isaiah Thomas
Detroit Pistons legend Isaiah Thomas is one of the former NBA players who witnessed Michael Jordan dominate the NBA during his time. However, when it comes to choosing who he thinks is the greatest, LeBron James is his favorite. He once wrote on Twitter that LeBron James is the most “complete” player he has ever seen. According to him, “I look at the total body of work, what LeBron James is as a basketball player, and if I had to pick one over the other, right now, I’m picking LeBron James over Michael Jordan. Because Jordan would beat you scoring, but this guy beats you at everything.”
4. Metta World Peace
Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace, also known as Ron Artest, also believes that King James is better than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. World Peace won his only NBA Championship with legendary Kobe Bryant in 2010 and considers Michael Jordan as one of his favorite players, but he still chose James as the GOAT. According to him, “@KingJames is the goat. Never thought I would say that over my brother 24 and my favorite MJ. I was an All-Star in MJ Jersey 23. I changed my number for one season to honor a legend. But the King is the greatest athlete to ever touch this galaxy. Better than the aliens too”
5. Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins and LeBron James are both from the 2003 draft class and he’s one of the players who think LeBron is the GOAT. According to him, “I put LeBron James No. 1. When we talk about LeBron James, there hasn’t been one athlete that has exceeded the expectations placed on his name in any sport like LeBron James”
6. LaMelo Ball
There will always be a division among players when it comes to the argument about who is better MJ and LeBron James. While most people from the older generation who grew up watching MJ play think he’s the best, younger people who only saw King James play will equally pick him over “His Airness”. One of the younger players who think LeBron James is GOAT is LaMelo Ball and he has the following to say about him:
“I grew up watching LeBron, so I would say LeBron. But, from the stuff my pops told me, seeing Jordan and stuff and his mentality like that. It’s a tough one for sure. But six eight, I mean six nine, all the stuff. I mean Bron overall player, but the way I like playing and watching stuff, I love Jordan. The way he just got that mentality.”

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