NBA Championship Winners from 1947-2021

2000, 2001, 2002
Electrifying duo in Shaq and Kobe proved to be one of the best to ever play the game. They won three years in a row.
Spurs won again and Tim Duncan almost gets a quadruple double.
Pistons won this year against the favorites in Los Angeles, quite easily actually. Lakers won just one game. And Pistons showed that it’s all in the teamwork and simple basketball.
Classic 7 game series between Pistons and Spurs, but Spurs managed to win. Tim Duncan won his third Finals MVP award.
Miami won this series against the Dallas Mavericks. Shaq won his 4th championship and D-Wade proved himself on the big stage as he averaged 34.7 points per game.
This was LeBron’s first trip to the Finals and it was with Cleveland but San Antonio Spurs swept the but this time Tony Parker was named the Finals MVP as he averaged 24 points per game.
This was the year everybody was waiting for. Celtics with their superteam in Rondo, Pierce, Allen and Garnett and on the opposing team in Lakers we had Kobe Bryant who tried to prove everyone that he could win a championship without Shaq and respond to the critics. Unfortunately for him, Celtics had other plans as they won their 17th championship.
2009, 2010
Kobe came back and won two more championships. And in 2010, he got the revenge on the Boston Celtics when the Lakers won in a thrilling 7 game series.
Superteam was formed in Miami with Bosh, Wade and LeBron but Dirk Nowitzki had other plans when he cut the party short and won the first championship for his franchise while averaging 26 and almost 10 rebounds per game. LeBron was not ready yet.
2012, 2013
Miami knew better this time as they won two in a row and LeBron finally won his long awaited title. He also won two finals MVP’s. For those two trips to the Finals LeBron averaged 26 points, 10 assists and 7 rebounds. Spurs fell short in 2013 as Ray Allen knocked down the jumper in game 6 which would lead to their loss.
San Antonio got the last laugh as they won this title against the Miami. Kawhi Leonard proved to be very important factor in this championship run as he shut down LeBron and took down the Finals MVP award.

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