NBA All-Time Assists Leaders: Career Totals in the Regular Season (1949-2020)

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If you like to play and watch basketball, you probably also like to follow the stats of your favorite players through the years.

In this video, I did a bar chart race about the NBA All-Time Assists Leaders.
The statistics are the career totals assists in regular season.

It starts in 1949 and goes until the end of the regular season 2020. It’s a great way to see the evolution of the assists leaders through different eras.

Here is the list of the current Top 10, as you can see, they are all great NBA players.

1 John Stockton:15,806
2 Jason Kidd: 12,091
3 Steve Nash: 10,335
4 Mark Jackson: 10,334
5 Magic Johnson: 10,141
6 Oscar Robertson: 9,887
7 Chris Paul: 9,653
8 LeBron James: 9,346
9 Isiah Thomas: 9,061
10 Gary Payton: 8,966

Two players from the top 10 are still playing, LeBron James and Chris Paul, so they will most likely move up in the ranking, but John Stockton is probably still safe at the first place for a long time.

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