Max Verstappen’s LUXURIOUS Car Collection

F1 drivers are likely to practice, test drive and race the coolest cars in the finest of circuits all over the world. But, these cars are prohibited from being purchased by the public. So what sort of cars do Formula 1 drivers drive in the off-season and through the break?
A look at the drivers and their racing technique on-track is enthralling. What is likewise fascinating is having a sneak peek at their personal car collection and attempt and determine their lavish taste for luxury and speed. Verstappen rose to fame in the Formula 1 scene at a very young age and is the youngest Formula 1 race winner. With a projected yearly income of 18-26 million pounds and a net worth of $3 million, Max certainly has plenty of cash to splurge and indulge in some fine cars.

It is fascinating to note that the young Dutchman’s first car was a Renault Clio. “I could not use it that much as I was not yet 18 while racing for Toro Rosso,” remarked Max ahead of the 2016 Spanish GP. “Initially I had a yellow one, and then was later changed to gray. I favored that,” said Verstappen, showing his ideal pick of color. The gifted young driver says he might have selected a Volkswagen Golf had he needed to in fact buy a car, with the Renault given as a ‘gift.’ Verstappen confessed that he uses less alluring modes of transport like riding a scooter most of the time while spending time with his parents in Belgium or at his Monte Carlo residence. Max isn’t just about driving a super-fast car on the Formula 1 circuit; he also boasts of a number of stunning cars in his collection. Although there may be a lot of British entries, there are also some German and Italian cars as well. Being a F1 driver is pleasurable in itself, but all the fringe benefits no doubt enhance the deal. Because of Red Bull’s sponsorship agreement with Aston Martin, he had access to a number of the premium cars made for quite some time. Max has said in the past that he doesn’t care to drive in public, but with this set of cars, you’d think the opposite would be spot on.

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