List of NBA Players That Rihanna Has Dated

Rihanna is one of the few celebrities who is a big fan of the NBA and basketball. Despite her busy schedule, she often finds time to attend different NBA games. However, Rihanna’s love for basketball seems to go beyond the court. There are few times when Rihanna dated NBA players. In this video, you will find out the list of NBA players Rihanna dated.
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1. Andrew Bynum
Rihanna currently supports the Los Angeles Lakers but this is not the first time she has something to do with the team. In 2009, Rihanna and former Los Angeles player Andrew Bynum were spotted having dinner in a restaurant in Los Angeles. Although having dinner with a player should not be a big deal, Rihanna was also in one of the Lakers’ games few weeks before that time which suggests that the two were having an affair. However, many things didn’t work out well for Bynum, including his relationship with Rihanna. She was not happy with the rumors that she was seeing Andrew Bynum and when she was asked to confirm the relationship, she said, “That I was dating the Lakers Andrew Bynum. I couldn’t believe they insulted me like that.”
Well, the two-time NBA champion was once one of the most desired rookies in the NBA but his constant injuries affected his career. Although he remains the youngest player ever to play in an NBA game, his career lasted for only 9 years.
2. Rashad Lewis
One of the things about being a celebrity is that only a little about your life is private. In 2009, paparazzi caught Rihanna walking out the front door of the then Orlando Magic player Rashad Lewis. When this picture surfaced on the internet, it quickly gained attention and it was no doubt that both maintained an affair. Again, rumors about their relationships started way before the paparazzi caught her leaving his building. Rihanna was present at Game 4 of the NBA finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic. Some reporters claimed that Rihanna attended the game because she had a crush on Rashad. According to an insider report, “Rihanna is trying to get to know Rashad. She’s digging on him, and she hopes the feeling is mutual.”
Whatever it was that the two of them had, it only lasted for few months. No one knew what happened next between Rihanna and Rashad and unlike her previous relationship with Bynum, she never came out publicly to confirm or deny the rumor. Luckily for Rashad, his NBA career was not cut abruptly and he won his first championship with the Miami Heat in 2013.
3. J.R. Smith
While there are many people out there dying to get an autograph from an NBA star, Rihanna was doing the exact opposite. Instead, she got NBA players falling head over heels for her. Back in 2012, Rihanna and the then New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith started what seems like a “perfect” relationship. The two of them were constantly being spotted in different nightclubs from Miami to New York. Unlike most celebrity couples who would try to keep things low-key, these two lovers constantly showed a public display of affection. They would hold hands throughout the night and make every other person jealous.
However, nothing good lasts forever. Smith has always been a controversial player and it didn’t take too long for the two of them to go their separate ways. However, it became obvious that the two of them had several unresolved issues during their separation. Smith struggled during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals and Rihanna was quick to judge his performance that it was because he’s been going to different clubs every night during the playoffs. When Smith saw this, he took to his Instagram and fired back with another post mocking the singer and Miami Heat fans.
4. James Young
After going out with three different NBA players with none working out, one would have expected Rihanna to just back off but that was not the case. In 2014, Rihanna was spotted with the then Boston Celtics guard James Young. The two of them made their first public appearance in May 2014 at the Barclays Center. James and Rihanna sat together while cheering on the Brooklyn Nets. All these happened before even before the young player was signed into the NBA. Later that year, James Young signed with Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports while Rihanna quickly took to her Twitter to give a shout-out to Young. However, like all her other NBA boyfriends, Young and Rihanna went their separate ways after some time.

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