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We're checking out the new Space Jam A New Legacy Toys. Moose Toys sent LeBron James Ultimate Tune Squad to us for free. Thanks, Moose for sending us this Space Jam: A New Legacy LeBron James Ultimate Tune Squad 12” Action Figure. #FreeProduct
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Welcome to the Jam! Space Jam: A New Legacy hits theaters and HBO Max on July 16th. Basketball champion and global icon LeBron James joins forces with Looney Tunes’ most iconic characters of all-time in this live-action animated film that reveals how far parents will go to connect with their kids.

When LeBron and his son are trapped in a digital space by a rogue A.I., ‘King’ James must get them home safe, leading Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, and the Looney Tunes gang to victory over the Goon Squad.

It’s Toons vs. Goons in a high-stakes showdown – redefining LeBron’s bond with his son and spotlighting the power of being yourself.

We can’t wait to see the movie – looks like great fun for the whole family!
Moose Toys sent us one of the new Space Jam: A New Legacy toys for unboxing and review.

First, let’s check out the packaging.
Love the see-through packaging – with the logo, and LeBron James, Bugs Bunny, and Lola Bunny.

It has a ‘Try Me’ button for easy testing in-store. There’s a speech bubble that says, “Let’s Go!”
It’s designed for ages 4 and up. 3 LR44 Batteries are included.

The flip side has the logo, fun Tune Squad artwork, and LeBron equipped with his accessories.
It says: “Welcome to the Jam! Basketball champion and cultural icon LeBron James goes on an epic adventure with Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes in the animated/live-action event ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy.’” Interestingly, there’s also a Marvin the Martian Ultimate Tune Squad figure to collect.

Let’s get it unboxed and take a closer look.

Here’s 12-inch LeBron James Ultimate Tune Squad Action Figure. Isn’t this an AWESOME replica of King James’ likeness from the movie?! Lovin’ both its look and size! I’m really impressed — the attention to detail from head-to-toe is AMAZING!! The figure features Lebron’s vibrant, film-accurate Tune Squad jersey from the movie, multiple points of articulation for dynamic posing, fantastic sculpting details, gorgeous paintwork, and 4 wacky, film-inspired accessories – an ACME Mallet, ACME Blocker, Basketball, and Basket Boom.

I appreciate that they didn’t skimp on the accessories. They’re actually VERY COOL!

Connect the ACME Blocker to LeBron’s back, then place the Basketball and Basket Boom into the claws, and put the ACME Mallet in his hand.

Now you’re ready for some action-packed fun!

What’s cool?

This LeBron figure comes to life with over 8 interactive battle phrases and sounds from the movie for realistic play. Simply press his chest to activate various sounds and phrases.

Pretty cool!

It’s Tunes vs. Goons!
Your mission: Harness Lebron's accessories to surprise the Goon Squad and lead the Tune Squad to victory.
Imagine battling head-to-head with the Goon Squad with this SUPER COOL figure!
Can you defeat the Goon Squad, leading your team to victory in an epic showdown for the ages?!

Final thoughts?
For Jam fans, with its realistic film-inspired details, articulation, cool play accessories, and interactive features, it’s sure to inspire endless fun adventures inspired by the movie. We only wish it had articulation in the wrists, knees, and feet. It’s a fun way to bring the on-court action of the film into your home. This high-quality figure has me excited for the other toys in the line.

What do you think of this LeBron figure?

Check out the new Space Jam Toys at all major retailers now, and catch Space Jam: A New Legacy in theaters and on HBO Max beginning July 16th.

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