Lebron James Finally ADMITS He’s LeGM

Lebron James was all smiles and filled with confidence when talking about the doubters at the start of the season.
Among those doubters was ya boi as well, as I made a video immediately after the Westbrook trade, titled The Lakers made a horrific mistake where I explained all their issues and pretty much predicted what happened this season.
So let me show you how James himself actually took responsibility for the destruction of this team.
What up everybody, my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
In that same interview, at the beginning of training camp, Lebron himself took credit for constructing the roster, confirming the long time meme of him being LeGm.
The Lakers had a deal in place to get Buddy Hield, a knockdown shooter, for Kyle Kuzma, pretty much straight up, but at the last second, at James’s command, they changed their decision and gave away Kuzma, KCP and Harrell to get Westbrook. LA also pretty much let Carusso go, meaning that they gave away both shooting and defense, to give minutes to Westbrook and Anthony, guys who didn’t give any effort at all defensively.
And what happened? They fell from number 1- the best defense in the league to 23rd, the 7th worst in the league.
And you know that you cannot win games without defending. Even if you have a flawless offense. And the Lakers were light years away from that.
Mostly of course due to their age and the injuries that come with it.
The big 3 of James, Davis and Westbrook played only 21 games together, and even then, they weren’t impressive at all, going 11-10 in those games.
D said in his last interview that the reason for the disappointing season were injuries and that they had more different lineups than wins, in fact the Lakers went out with 39 different starting lineups up until now.
So, as the ship started to sink, I had a funny feeling that Lebron would get some type of nagging injury that would prevent him from playing.
Lebron is famous for mailing it in when he senses that the team doesn’t have a chance to win.
I even went on record saying it on Dom 2k’s podcast on March 1st. That’s a whole month ago.
I was that certain of it.
Whether I just guessed it by accident, or I knew, or whether the injury is really serious…who knows at this point. All I know is, when he decides to play, he gets his points, which by now is the only thing that it appears he’s playing for. To win the scoring title at age 37.
So yeah, as great as Lebron is, this year will go down as a failure for him, both as a player as well as a GM, and this infamous tweet will live forever even tho Lebron quickly deleted it.
Do you think the Lakers keep the big three, and if not, do you think there’s a suitable team for Westbrook in the NBA? That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

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