Large Rail Ding Repair Polyester Surfboard

In this video we are fixing a large rail ding in a urethane core/polyester resin (standard) surfboard.

Because the board was glassed with an orange tint we wanted to see if we could fix it without removing the glass skin in the damaged area, however that was not possible.

The steps to the repair are:

1. Remove the damaged glass, anything that is not bonded to the core and is broken or shattered. Cut back and sand as needed.
2. Mask off around damaged area
3. Fill damaged area with ding repair putty
4. Sand putty back to match board
5. Mask around area to be glassed, this area should extend roughly an inch past the damaged area.
6. Cap damaged area with 4 or 6 oz fiberglass fabric
7. Sand edges to blend, then hot coat repaired area
8. Sand to blend repaired area with board
9. Apply surfboard sealer over repaired area or if it is a gloss and polish, buff repair to blend with board.

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