JUICY 49ers Rumors: Jimmy G Trade To Panthers “Not Dead Yet” + Fred Warner Says Deebo WILL Return

SAN-FRAN-CISCO! Thanks for watching the 49ers Report with host Chase Senior. We have a LOADED show for you today as we hop into the freshest 49ers news and rumors. According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, a Jimmy Garoppolo trade to the Carolina Panthers isn’t dead yet. Fred Warner said that he believes Deebo Samuel will return to the 49ers and a Deebo Samuel contract will get done.

49ers rookie minicamps also took place and there are some 49ers who impressed including third round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft Danny Gray and 49ers UDFA signing, Leon O’Neal out of Texas A&M. We take a look at these 49ers breakout players on the show as well. Buckle up and enjoy today’s batch of 49ers news and 49ers rumors.

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Jeremy Fowler (On Jimmy G Panthers Trade Rumors)
“The door is open slightly for [Corral] to potentially take the [starting quarterback] job because the Panthers are still essentially looking for veteran quarterback help. They would like somebody else; that’s why the Baker Mayfield situation, Jimmy Garoppolo might not be completely dead at this point.”

Will the 49ers end up trading Jimmy G? Type ‘T’ for Trade, ‘K’ for Keep, or ‘C’ for Cut
WHO WILL START IN 2022? Type ‘JG’ for Jimmy Garoppolo, Type ‘TL’ for Trey Lance
What’s your confidence level Deebo signs a new deal? Scale it 1-100
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Fred Warner (On Deebo Samuel Rumors)
“I know that this team knows its value in Deebo Samuel. I know that Deebo loves the team that he plays for. I know the type of teammate, the type of player he is in that locker room, the amount of love that we have for him, he has for us. So, I think it’s just a matter of time before something gets done. I’m here for him, and I know we all care a lot about him over here in this building and ya, that’s all I got to say about it.”

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