Jessie Bates Trade To Cowboys? Interest In Signing Anthony Barr? | Dallas Cowboys Rumors Today

Dallas Cowboys rumors on today’s show focus on free agency and trade rumors. Anthony Barr has been linked to the Cowboys, but will Stephe Jones actually pay the former pro bowl linebacker? Speaking of getting paid, Jessie Bates wants a bag from the Bengals and is threatening to hold out. Could the Cowboys pursue Bates in a trade to bolster their defense in 2022?

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Cowboys rumors on signing Anthony Barr lead today’s video. The Cowboys reportedly have interest in signing the former Pro Bowl linebacker, if the cost is right. That last part is important, since the Cowboys have made a grand total of 3 outside free agent signings this year. But given that we’re past the draft and over halfway through May, Barr shouldn’t command a massive salary. And the Cowboys have found value deals after the draft in the past. Cowboys Report host Tom Downey breaks it down on today’s video!

Cowboys Trade Rumors are on Jessie Bates today! The Cincinnati Bengals star safety was franchise tagged, but has not signed yet as he looks for a new, massive long-term deal. Bates is reportedly refusing to play this year without a deal. So that has led to some NFL Trade Rumors on Bates. Could the Cowboys be in the mix?

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