How to Shoot like Stephen Curry: Shooting Form Blueprint

How to Shoot like Stephen Curry

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What you will learn in this video:
– Shooting Footwork: 0:18
– One Motion Shooting: 3:08
– Shot Line: 3:36
– Set Point: 6:00
– Middle Finger Release: 7:11
– Guide Hand: 8:31
– Arm Extension: 9:40

Top 4 Stephen Curry Shooting Drills:
– Bounce Ups: 10:32
– Pick Ups: 11:48
– Transition Pull Up 3's: 12:30
– 180 3's: 13:40
– FREE Scoring workout: 15:00

Today you're going to learn how to shoot the basketball just like NBA superstar Stephen Curry. After hours and hours of film study we are now unlocking Steph's shooting blueprint so you can add some of his exact shooting secrets to your jumper. Today you will learn how to improve your shooting consistency, range, and speed. Many times just one or two of these simple shooting keys can dramatically increase your shooting percentage… Immediately!

Stephen Curry is revolutionary player, and this full shooting form tutorial was specifically developed to help YOU hit more shots today.
Also be sure to stick around to the end of the video to see my top 4 favorite drills that will help you get Steph's jumper down!

Stephen Curry is in a new class of shooters that are changing the way people think about shooting. He's joined by pro players like Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant as the best new shooters on the planet. All of whom use a ton of these same shooting mechanics to hit more shots.

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