How to sell basketball jerseys for a living

How to sell basketball jerseys for a living? Ever wanted to sell basketball jerseys for a living? We have spoken to Mark from the Throwback Store who started a business selling jerseys, when he decided to have a clear out of his wardrobe. What started out as a clear out turned into a business whereby he sells jerseys full time. Listen to how Mark started and what are Mark's tips on how to sell basketball jerseys for a living.

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Start – 0:00
How did you start selling basketball jerseys – 0:30
Do you sell jerseys full time – 2:00
When did you go dull time – 2:40
What's your best basketball jersey find – 4:41
Key tips on spotting fakes – 6:00
Do you wash vintage jerseys – 7:50
How long have you had your website – 8:41
Tips on how to flip jerseys – 9:50
What have you kept for your collection – 10:50
What's it like sending packages worldwide – 11:30
Where to sell NBA Jerseys – 12:50
How to get NBA jerseys for cheap on eBay – 13:34
Kobe Black Mamba Jersey – 14:04
Most popular NBA jerseys to sell – 15:15
How much competition is there selling jerseys – 16:14
Where's the throwback store going to be in five years – 19:20

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