How the NBA Started! The Birth of the National Basketball Association

The National Basketball Association or the NBA has been in existence for 71 years. But how did this amazing league get started?

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Today I wanted to talk about how the NBA started and the early history of the NBA. This was suggested by one of my subs in a livestream so if you have any ideas for a future topic, put it in the comments down below and you can get a shout out!

Now basketball was founded by Dr. James Naismith in 1891 as an indoor sport activity at YMCA. The game quickly caught on with all the people playing at YMCA as one would name the game “basketball”.

The game kept spreading through the YMCA and through Naismith who would go all over the country teaching the game. As he went throughout the country, modifications were being made to the game like for example limiting the players on the court to 5 after more than 50 people would try it at once. Yeah, people thought having 50 people on the court at once was a good idea… but anyway I’m not going to get into the history of basketball, we are talking about the NBA.

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The college scene would take basketball on to new heights from there. There were other professional leagues, but they all pretty much failed. Take for instance the first National Basketball League or NBL in 1898 that collapsed in 6 years. More and more rules would be added with these pro teams playing in different leagues like dribblers being able to shoot the ball. Yeah, dribblers shooting the ball, it might seem like common sense to us now but hindsight is 20/20.

Christian missions by Naismith helped the game become international and soon there were global games by 1919. Ivy league schools along with the National Invitational Tournament that introduced the concept of a champion paved the way for NCAA basketball.

Following the success of these leagues, the National Basketball League was created for a 6th time in 1937, this time by some big gun corporations like general electric, firestone, and goodyear. Most of the teams had played in the midwest and it was actually going well. In 1946, a new league called the Basketball Association of America (BAA for short) was formed by owners of ice hockey arenas as a way to earn more revenue. And while the NBL had more talent, the BAA was pulling in more money, thanks to the arenas like Madison Square Garden and Boston Garden.

In 1948, 4 of NBL’s best teams including the Minneapolis Lakers and George Mikan went to the BAA. The NBL once again couldn’t sustain itself and it fell apart with the rest of the teams going to BAA. There was another minor league called American League Basketball that also joined the BAA and with that the league was renamed National Basketball Association as a combination of the NBL and BAA in 1949. The NBA classifies its start in 1946 with the creation of the BAA and there you have it.

Its crazy how ice hockey arenas led to the NBA stabilizing, but that shows that anything can lead to anything, you just gotta seize the opportunity.

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