How The NBA Gave Up On Jeremy Lin | The Rise and Fall of Linsanity

Jeremy Lin’s rise and fall from 3 weeks of fame to a forgotten role player is one of the most fascinating stories in the modern NBA. He's dealt with countless barriers that would make any player quit, but throughout it all, Lin stayed driven and motivated. His time in New York may take the headlines, but his career before and after the Knicks doesn't get discussed enough.

Tracks Used (in order):
00:00 – Introduction
02:13 – High School and College days
03:34 – NBA Struggle
04:22 – Linsanity Begins
06:28 – The Death of Linsanity
07:13 – 2012 Free Agency
07:45 – Carmelo Anthony Rumors
08:38 – Houston Rockets Era
10:08 – Lakers Woes
10:48 – Bounce Back in Charlotte
11:28 – Heartbreaking Injuries in Brooklyn
12:31 – Present Day
13:56 – Conclusion

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