How It Was Named | NBA Teams

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Have you ever wondered how every NBA team got its name? Well I did too! I decided to take an unreasonably long time to research each team and create this video. Hopefully you learn a thing or two, too!  Each team is listed in the order that they were founded or became a part of the NBA.  And since location plays a huge role in the team name (like 50%) I also hit every move as a part of this video!

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0:00 Intro

0:20 Sacramento Kings
1:47 Detroit Pistons
2:41 Atlanta Hawks
3:44 Boston Celtics
4:11 Golden State Warriors
4:48 New York Knicks
5:12 Philadelphia 76ers
5:49 Los Angeles Lakers
6:29 Washington Wizards
8:30 Chicago Bulls
9:01 Brooklyn Nets
10:04 Denver Nuggets
11:18 Houston Rockets
11:54 Indiana Pacers
12:16 Oklahoma City Thunder
12:54 San Antonio Spurs
14:01 Milwaukee Bucks
14:28 Phoenix Suns
14:56 Cleveland Cavaliers
15:23 Portland Trailblazers
15:56 Los Angeles Clippers
17:35 Utah Jazz
18:43 Dallas Mavericks
19:16 Charlotte Hornets
20:22 Miami Heat
20:44 Minnesota Timberwolves
21:12 Orlando Magic
21:37 Toronto Raptors
22:14 Memphis Grizzlies
22:46 New Orleans Pelicans
22:36 Outro

Dan Gilbert Photo:
By Steve Jennings [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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