How Fast Would Formula 1 Go at the Indy 500?

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The Indianapolis 500 is one of the most prestigious racing events in the world, where the cars reach over 230 miles per hour and race nose to tail for 200 laps.

But what would happen if you put an F1 car on the grid? Would be able to go quicker?

We’ve done some research to find out.

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Indycars and Formula 1 cars look pretty similar. Both open-wheel formula cars, lots of downforce and both run turbocharged V6 engines. However, there are some pretty big differences.

Indycar is a spec series, meaning that all cars run the same Dallara chassis, the same aero package for each circuit and have the choice of two engines – Honda or Chevrolet. A bit like the Corvette from earlier!

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Whereas, Formula 1 is a constructor championship. The cars are made by the teams, with only some components shared between the teams – like Williams using Mercedes engines and Haas running Ferrari components like the steering wheel.

Indycar run the series like this to save costs for the teams and encourage closer racing, meaning there are very limited opportunities to spend more money and gain an advantage over other teams.

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