FULL BODY WORKOUT For Football Players | BODYWEIGHT | Improve Your Strength & Get Fit | Advanced

No Equipment Needed, a full-body workout that will help you to improve your strength and prepare your body for the You can perform this workout anywhere and anytime. Bodyweight training hosts a plethora of benefits that will help create a better athlete. Stability, strength, power, mobility, spatial awareness, and conditioning are just a few of the benefits that bodyweight training can provide to you.

The workout lasts for 20 min and consists of two parts with 1 min rest in between.
Every exercise lasts for 30 seconds. This is a full-length workout so you can just follow it while you training.
Part 1:
00:20 – Start Part 1
Exercise 1: Lunge Pulses Right
Exercise 2: Lunge Pulses Left
Exercise 3: Squat Hold
Exercise 4: Shoulder Tap Push-Up
Exercise 5: Plank Toe Touches
Exercise 6: Lunge Pulses Left
Exercise 7: Plank With Cross-Body Knee Drive
Exercise 8: Starfish Crunch
Exercise 9: Abs Knee Tuck
Exercise 10: Back Extension Heel Tap
Exercise 11: Swimmer
Exercise 12: Jumping Side Squat To Vertical Jump
Exercise 13: Skater Jumps
Exercise 14: Push-Up With Leg Raise
Exercise 15: Side Plank Kicks Right
Exercise 16: Side Plank Kicks Left
Exercise 17: Up Down Plank
Exercise 18: Scissor Jump Plank To Bear Plank
Exercise 19: Plank With Arm & Leg Raise

9:20 – Rest

10:20 – Start Part 2
Exercise 1: Superman Crunch Right
Exercise 2: Superman Crunch Left
Exercise 3: Back W Superman
Exercise 4: Jumping Lunge
Exercise 5: Reverse Lunge With Knee Raise Left
Exercise 6: Reverse Lunge With Knee Raise Right
Exercise 7: Plank Hold
Exercise 8: Sphinx Push-Ups
Exercise 9: Rock Forth Plank
Exercise 10: Leg Raise To Toe Touch
Exercise 11: Russian Twist
Exercise 12: Sit-Up Flatter Kicks
Exercise 13: Back W Hold
Exercise 14: Push-Up Burpee
Exercise 15: Squat Side Steps
Exercise 16: Plank Shoulder Tap With Open-Up
Exercise 17: W Superman To Plank Knee Drive
Exercise 18: Low Plank Leg & Arm Raise

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