F1 News: Technical problems of the RB18 of Red Bull CAN’T be RESOLVED directly!

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Hi There! Welcome to another new video from #F1News In this video, we are going to discuss the technical complications of Red Bull’s RB18 in detail. We are looking at a possible solution to the steering problems and Max Verstappen’s reaction to the unpredictability of his car. We also discuss how team #redbullf1 sees the rest of the GP season. But before we get started, we would like to ask you to subscribe to our channel so we can keep making these videos. Don’t forget to press the bell so you don’t miss any updates! Done? Then let’s get started! #F1

Red Bull is experiencing unexpected problems with the RB18. In Monte Carlo, it became clear that Red Bull’s RB18 is less precise and stable than Ferrari’s F1-75. The problem was seen in the last chicane of the track and also occurs in the corners where fast direction changes are required. After the Monaco Grand Prix, Max Verstappen already complained about the sharp turn-in with the Red Bull car.
It is an unexpected setback for Red Bull, especially given that the team has a pull rod suspension on the front of the car. This lowers the weight in the chassis, with the main goal of making the car more agile and precise when cornering. With this, the team attempted to circumvent the problem of the 2022 cars, which are more difficult to control due to the increased weights.

The RB18 is characterized at the front by a pull rod suspension with the front arm of the upper wishbone made in one piece to stiffen the suspension. This feature, which on paper should allow more precise management of ride height and the variations caused by load transfer in the vertical direction, could prove to be a limitation.

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