F1 News: Results ANNOUNCED from Ferrari poor performance investigation!

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Hi There! Welcome to another new video from #F1News In this video are going to talk about Ferrari. We review F1-75’s performance to date and examine the investigation results of the disappointing result in Monaco. Team boss Binotto spoke out about the reliability of the F1-75. This is covered at the end of the video, so watch the video in its entirety! But before we get started, we would like to ask you to subscribe to our channel. Don’t forget to press the bell so you don’t miss any updates. Done? Then let’s get started! #F1

Ferrari is making a great start to the 2022 GP season this year.
At the end of last season, Ferrari already managed to start a big final sprint and even take the third position in the constructors’ championship from McLaren. With this, the team of Leclerc and Carlos Sainz showed that it was ready for the new regulations that come into effect in 2022. She introduced the F1-75.
The F1-75 appears to be a well-designed car, especially with the curvy design of the top of the sidepods featuring sporty vents, extending to the hood. It is a car that seems to be about halfway between the aerodynamic concepts of Red Bull and Mercedes, but otherwise many details seem less visible compared to these two cars. However, if you really study the details, you will see that behind every detail of this car was a subtle aerodynamic study.
An interesting feature is a double splitter. Similar to the design of Aston Martin’s AMR22, it is undoubtedly a feature that guides the airflow under the floor. The F1-75 floor looks like one of the most efficient downforce floors produced to date. This partly explains why F1-75 would be hit a lot by porpoising. The overhang of the F1-75’s front wing resulted in a greater loss of downforce at the leading edge of the floor channels compared to other cars. After a filming day at Monza, Ferrari came up with a package of upgrades for GP Barcelona: a modified floor, weight savings, and another effort to reduce drag.

During the winter tests in Barcelona and Bahrain, it was already revealed that Ferrari was among the best teams. The Italians managed to fulfill that favorite role in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Not only did the team take a huge lead in the scoring, but the qualities of the car were also promising.
However, we still saw Red Bull take points and push Leclerc into the background. Ferrari got it harder and Leclerc already mentioned the need at Ferrari to make improvements. “We have to keep pushing. Upgrades become very important throughout the year. I now hope that we can take a step forward from the next race, but it has been exciting from the start of the season and that is what we would like to see.” #formula1

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