F1 Evolution from 1950 to 2020 | In Poorly Drawn

The Evolution of F1 1950 to 2020 from historic Alfa Romeo 158 red livery to sophisticated Mercedes W11. From Nina Farina to Sir Lewis Hamilton. From Juan Manuel Fangio to Michael Schumacher. Take a look how F1 changes with technical and regulation information through decades. All in poorly drawn!

00:00 Intro
00:06 1950s
01:37 1960s
03:08 1970s
04:37 1980s
06:16 1990s
07:37 2000s
09:10 2010s

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📺 F1 Evolution
All F1 Winning Car 1950-2020: https://bit.ly/3iCLcYj
All McLaren F1 Car : https://bit.ly/2T8vObc
All Senna’s Racing Car : https://bit.ly/2TP5cwl
All F1 Safety Cars: https://bit.ly/3v5XV8e

📺Helmet Evolution:
Lando Norris : https://bit.ly/3w6e0ft
Lewis Hamilton : https://bit.ly/3ghPyRF
Sebastian Vettel Red Bull: https://bit.ly/34UTwdP
Sebastian Vettel Ferrari: https://bit.ly/3zcaYs8
Daniel Ricciardo: https://bit.ly/3w2AUo2
Pierre Gasly: https://bit.ly/2TG30qK

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F1 Sound Evolution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhK0seC-vmc

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Based on Sauro Torreggiani, Fijen, and famous Giorgio Piola works.

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