ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. Takes Bills & RB Position in 2022 NFL Draft

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. on the Buffalo Bills’ RB option in the 2022 NFL Draft.
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ESPN-NFL draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. can imagine a world where the Buffalo Bills use their first-round pick as a running back in the 2022 NFL draft.

But he knew it might not happen.

Kipper spoke to reporters on a conference call last week about the Bills and their chances of returning with a 25th championship. He’s not too interested in odds.

In doing so, Kipper singled out the two rushers on the court in the first round. These are Brace Hall of Iowa State University and Kenneth Walker III of Michigan State University.

In Kiper’s view, Hall is slightly higher, but to analysts, the second round sounds safer.

“Brishall deserves to be a first-round pick. I don’t think he’s going to be because the team doesn’t need that player. Even if you look at Buffalo, they have a Devin Singletary who was strong at the end of the year,” Kiper said. “If you look at Buffalo in the second round — maybe. If Buffalo didn’t run back in the first round, I’d let Kenneth Walker go there.

When referring to Walker, Kipper mentioned his latest mock draft. That’s odd because Michigan defensive back Duxton Hill is Buffalo’s first choice.

Among the sprinters, Walker is 5-foot-9 and 211 pounds. But don’t let you fool you into thinking he has no speed. Walker ran the 40-yard sprint in 4.38 seconds, and in 2021, no FBS guard has a 15-yard run that exceeds Walker’s 30.

“Walker is a bulldozer with some juice in it,” Kipper said. “He wasn’t used as a catcher in college, so that’s a question mark. But for a team that needs a backup quarterback and has a great catcher, Walker might be successful.”

Walker entered the Bills in his mock draft because Hall was sent to the New York Jets early in the 2nd round. Hall was a player Buffalo met before the draft, but apparently Kipper didn’t think he was going to be the Bills’ next draft pick.

Kipper also mentioned that he doesn’t think other running backs will be selected until the final day of the draft.

“This running back class is pretty mediocre overall, but has two great players at the top,” Kipper said.

Singletary has had a productive 2021 season, however, Zach Moss has often found himself a healthy catcher. He was so disappointed that the team has only handed over free throw receiver Duke Johnson since then.

The Bills’ backcourt could use another addition.

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