Draymond and KD Reveal What Really Happened with Warriors Fallout | FULL INTERVIEW (Chips)

Draymond and KD sit down for the first time since they played together to discuss KD’s decision to leave OKC, the infamous argument after the Clippers game in 2018, why KD left to team with Kyrie in Brooklyn and much more. Watch the full interview on a new episode of “Chips” now.

0:00 Intro
0:43 – 2:44 KD’s early basketball days in high school and college
2:45 – 4:12 KD didn’t really play the 4 position till he was in Golden State
4:15 – 4:58 What KD meant by “tired of being second” quote
5:00 – 6:30 Why KD left OKC for GSW ‘I would do that s–t a million times'
6:31 – 8:34 Draymond thinks KD was over being in GS after year 2
8:35 – 11:30 The infamous KD-Draymond argument fallout ‘They f–ked it up.'
11:35 – 14:30 Playing with guys like Russ, Draymond, Kyrie, James Harden
14:31 – 15:55 KD on his relationship with the media
15:59 – 18:01 KD’s Twitter fingers and burner accounts
18:02 – 18:53 Any regrets leaving the Warriors?
18:54 – 20:24 Now playing with the Nets and Kyrie Irving
20:25 – 22:46 Life after basketball? Any kids?
22:47 – End – Happiest you’ve been as a professional?

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