Dragon Ball: How Old Is Goku?

Goku's Age Revealed

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It is well-known that Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama sometimes gets lost in his own universe, changing rules as he seems fit, for the sake of advancing the narrative. One thing that seems trivial at first but is actually full of surprises is the franchise’s hero Son Goku’s actual age.

Many times we see him comment on other people looking older than he does while they should not be that far ahead in terms of age. At some point Bulma asks Vegeta why Saiyans seem to keep their youthful looks. While genes are a big part of the answer, this is not all.

There are various elements in the Dragon Ball series which can affect the character’s ages. Take for instant death. If one dies for an x amount of time, and they are brought back later, it can be said that their calendar age is what it is supposed to be in a linear fashion. But the fact that they were immaterial before being brought back by the Dragon Balls means that their physical appearance was in a way on pause.

This creates a split or a rift between Goku’s ages. Yes, ages plural. Depending on the saga, most of the time he has a physical or biological age, and a calendar age.

In this video, I will review the Dragon Ball timeline spotting moments that have fluctuated both Goku’s ages, making the question “how old is Goku?” a bit more complex than what it seems.

Now, press play and take some notes ‘cause we will be exploring Goku’s whole lifetime from Age 737 to Age 780.

00:00 Intro
00:39 Age 0 to 19
03:51 Age 24 to 30
06:24 Ageo 30 to kinda 37
08:27 Age 41 to 43, but no really

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