Boot Camp on Cricket Score Prediction Via Machine Learning

While we are currently living in a world that foresees technology to be the future of the workforce and recruitment. Industries like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will set a benchmark in leading technology and economy hand-in-hand. Starting from the basics of Machine Learning, let us take a look at the prediction strategy for a premier game like Cricket on various applications.

The process and tools behind the prediction include the following:

· Jupyter Notebook

· Numpy

· Pandas

· Seaborn

· Matplotlib

· Scikit-learn

The Bootcamp will focus on the following features to help you build a prediction module for games like cricket.

· Data cleaning and formatting

· Exploratory data analysis

· Feature engineering and selection

· Compare several machine learning models on a performance metric

· Perform hyperparameter tuning on the best model

· Evaluate the best model on the testing set

· Interpret the model results

· Draw conclusions and document work

Want to understand the tools and technology behind these features? Sign-up for our Bootcamp today and stay tuned for the same.

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