All-time NBA Loss Records Animation – 30 teams (1949-2020)

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If you like to play and watch basketball, you probably also like to follow the stats of your favorite players or teams, through the years.

In this video, I did a bar chart race about the All-time NBA Loss Records for the 30 teams currently playing in the league.

The statistics are the total losses in regular season from season 1949-50 to 2019-2020.

I didn’t add the previous losses for the teams which started before the 1949–50 NBA season, which was the inaugural season of the National Basketball Association.

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The list below shows the year each team was created, their previous name for some of them, so you can learn about the NBA history.

Atlanta Hawks:
1969 to present NBA Atlanta Hawks
1956 to 1968 NBA St. Louis Hawks
1952 to 1955 NBA Milwaukee Hawks
1950 to 1951 NBA Tri-Cities Blackhawks

Boston Celtics:
1947 to present NBA Boston Celtics

Brooklyn Nets:
2013 to present NBA Brooklyn Nets
1978 to 2012 NBA New Jersey Nets
1977 to 1977 NBA New York Nets

Charlotte Hornets:
2015 to present NBA Charlotte Hornets
2005 to 2014 NBA Charlotte Bobcats
1989 to 2002 NBA Charlotte Hornets

Chicago Bulls:
1967 to present NBA Chicago Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers:
1971 to present NBA Cleveland Cavaliers

Dallas Mavericks:
1981 to present NBA Dallas Mavericks

Denver Nuggets:
1977 to present NBA Denver Nuggets

Detroit Pistons:
1958 to present NBA Detroit Pistons
1949 to 1957 NBA Fort Wayne Pistons

Golden State Warriors:
1972 to present NBA Golden State Warriors
1963 to 1971 NBA San Francisco Warriors
1947 to 1962 NBA Philadelphia Warriors

Houston Rockets:
1972 to present NBA Houston Rockets
1968 to 1971 NBA San Diego Rockets

Indiana Pacers:
1977 to present NBA Indiana Pacers

Los Angeles Clippers:
1985 to present NBA Los Angeles Clippers
1979 to 1984 NBA San Diego Clippers
1971 to 1978 NBA Buffalo Braves

Los Angeles Lakers:
1961 to present NBA Los Angeles Lakers
1949 to 1960 NBA Minneapolis Lakers

Memphis Grizzlies:
2002 to present NBA Memphis Grizzlies
1996 to 2001 NBA Vancouver Grizzlies

Miami Heat:
1989 to present NBA Miami Heat

Milwaukee Bucks:
1969 to present NBA Milwaukee Bucks

Minnesota Timberwolves:
1990 to present NBA Minnesota Timberwolves

New Orleans Pelicans:
2014 to present NBA New Orleans Pelicans
2006 to 2007 NBA New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets
2003 to 2013 NBA New Orleans Hornets

New York Knicks:
1947 to present NBA New York Knicks

Oklahoma City Thunder:
2009 to present NBA Oklahoma City Thunder
1968 to 2008 NBA Seattle Supersonics

Orlando Magic:
1990 to present NBA Orlando Magic

Philadelphia 76ers:
1964 to present NBA Philadelphia 76ers
1950 to 1963 NBA Syracuse Nationals

Phoenix Suns:
1969 to present NBA Phoenix Suns

Portland Trail Blazers:
1971 to present NBA Portland Trail Blazers

Sacramento Kings:
1986 to present NBA Sacramento Kings
1976 to 1985 NBA Kansas City Kings
1973 to 1975 NBA Kansas City-Omaha Kings
1958 to 1972 NBA Cincinnati Royals
1949 to 1957 NBA Rochester Royals

San Antonio Spurs:
1977 to present NBA San Antonio Spurs

Toronto Raptors:
1996 to present NBA Toronto Raptors

Utah Jazz:
1980 to present NBA Utah Jazz
1975 to 1979 NBA New Orleans Jazz

Washington Wizards:
1998 to present NBA Washington Wizards
1975 to 1997 NBA Washington Bullets
1974 to 1974 NBA Capital Bullets
1964 to 1973 NBA Baltimore Bullets
1963 to 1963 NBA Chicago Zephyrs
1962 to 1962 NBA Chicago Packers

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