Neymar Nike football boots – all the Nike football boots that Neymar has worn over the years. In todays video we look back all the way from the early days at Santos where Neymar wore the Nike Mercurial Vapor football boots and even the Nike T90 Laser and we tell the story of how one of the biggest Brazilian hopes in a while, even called the ‘Next Pele', became one of the biggest superstars in the world. But which Nike football boots did Neymar actually wear? Growing up, Neymar was usually seen rocking his trusted Nike Mercurial Vapor football boots, all the way from the Vapor 2 to the Vapor 5 before he switched into the Nike Mercurial Superfly 2 football boots. Later, Neymar also played in the Nike Mercurial Superfly 3 before he went back to the Vapor with the introduction of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 8 football boots. After that, Neymar became the only player to wear the Nike Green Speed football boots, wearing the Nike GS in 2012. Going back to the Vapor 9 for a bit, Neymar was made the headline player of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom, and Nike even made a signature colourway for Neymar during the 2014 World Cup. Unfortunately, Neymar got injured, so he only got to wear it for one match.


After the World Cup 2014 Neymar got another Nike Hypervenom 1 signature colourway, the Liquid Chrome, before he moved into the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2. Here, he scored some crucial goals and won the Treble with FC Barcelona. Later, we would see as many as three signature models of the Hypervenom 2 made for Neymar, with two of them being the collaboration between Neymar and Michael Jordan. Now, he's switched back into the Nike Mercurial Vapor 11 Neymar Jr. football boots, wearing his very first Mercurial signature colourway – based around Neymar’s life, growing into the superstar he is today. So if you want to see all the Neymar football boots and learn more about his life, this is the video to watch.

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