49ers Rumors: Cut Jimmy Garoppolo? Sign Jadeveon Clowney? Trey Lance Breakout Season? Q&A

San Francisco 49ers Rumors cover a number of hot topics today including if the 49ers should cut Jimmy Garoppolo? Can Trey Lance have a breakout year and have the 49ers shown a lack of trust in their young quarterback? Plus, details on the 49ers re-signing Jason Verrett and should they sign Jadeveon Clowney? Also, what is the 49ers’ biggest weakness heading into 2022? Chat Sports’ Chase Senior answers all of these questions and more in these 49ers Rumors Q&A.

49ers Rumors Q&A Questions:
– Should the 49ers cut Jimmy Garoppolo?
– What will be the 49ers starting secondary?
– Have the 49ers shown a lack of trust in Trey Lance by not moving on from Jimmy G?
– 49ers sign Jadeveon Clowney?
– Are the 49ers waiting for Jimmy G to pass a physical before they cut him?
– Did the 49ers upgrade their secondary?
– Thoughts on the 49ers re-signing Jason Verrett?
– Ready for the 2022 NFL Season?
– 49ers biggest weakness?
– Will Brandon Aiyuk have more yards than Deebo Samuel?
– What will the 49ers do with the Jimmy Garoppolo money?

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