3 Reasons Why Formula 1’s 2022 Engines Are Still Turbo-Hybrid V6s

Why hasn’t F1 changed to a different type of engine for 2022? After all, they’re changing a huge amount of the car, including a whole new aero concept. Formula 1 has stuck to Turbo-Hybrid V6 engines despite fan criticism over the power units, so Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at the 3 criticisms over the engines – the sound, the cost and the “electric” argument, and states why F1 has made the right decision over it’s 2022 Turbo-Hybrid V6 engine setup.

0:00 2022’s New Regulations
1:04 Comparing Engine Sounds
2:24 The Cost of Turbo-Hybrid V6s
3:04 The Electric Avenue & Road Cars
4:06 Sticking To Turbo-Hybrids

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