1997 NBA Draft – Career Total Points in the Regular Season for the Top 10 picks

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If you are like me, and you like to play and watch basketball, you probably also like to follow the stats of your favorite players or teams through the years.

In this video, I did a bar chart race with the top 10 picks of the 1997 draft class, and included pick 42.

As you probably already know, the 1997 NBA Draft is not the best one ever in the NBA history, but two great players came out of it, Tim Duncan and Tracy McGrady.

The numbers represent the career total points in the regular season for the following players:

Tim Duncan #1
Keith Van Horn #2
Chauncey Billups #3
Antonio Daniels #4
Tony Battie #5
Ron Mercer #6
Tim Thomas #7
Adonal Foyle #8
Tracy McGrady #9
Danny Fortson #10
Stephen Jackson #42

Three players only from the top 10 became all-star (Tim Duncan, Chauncey Billups, and Tracy McGrady) and the rookie of the year was Tim Duncan.

Tim Duncan won the season MVP award twice, and he is all in the Hall of Fame with Tracy McGrady.

Which player from the 1997 NBA Draft class was your favorite?

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