1994 NBA Draft – Career Total Points in the Regular Season for the Top 10 picks

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If you are like me, and you like to play and watch basketball, you probably also like to follow the stats of your favorite players or teams through the years.

In this video, I did a bar chart race with the top 10 picks of the 1994 draft class, and included pick 13.

The numbers represent the career total points in the regular season for the following players:

Glenn Robinson #1
Jason Kidd #2
Grant Hill #3
Donyell Marshall #4
Juwan Howard #5
Sharone Wright #6  
Lamond Murray #7
Brian Grant #8
Eric Montross #9
Eddie Jones #10
Jalen Rose #13

Five players from the top 10 became all-star, and the co-rookie of the year was Grant Hill and Jason Kidd, who are also in the Hall of Fame.

I added Jalen Rose, because he was a good player in my opinion, and also received the MIP trophy in the 1999-00 season.

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